Endeavour Enterprises N.V.

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. is a Dutch-based firm that offers unique Interim Management services in the arena of business operations and in the environment of investments in the Netherlands. This team focuses on setting up new businesses for foreign firms here in The Netherlands, planning and implementing the first few stages of their local life while laying the foundations for long term operations.  In addition, as needed, Endeavour provides on-going consulting and management services to those new and growing firms, as well as, to more mature firms that need help resolving operations-oriented difficulties

Endeavour is a core team of accomplished business planners and builders that will dive in to understand your needs and timetables, and help you plan and implement in order to save you time and money. Endeavour also employs and partners with local professionals with years of experience as CEO s, COO s, Directors, and Managers from nearly every market sector.

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. was established in Amsterdam with the Mission of demonstrating service standards that, until now, were unavailable to this sector of building firms and setting up new business. Our knowledge and experience in companies operations enables us to serve our customers beyond their expectations.

Endeavour’s Site features the following issues:

Management Blog

A new section featured on our site. The idea is to blog about business related local and global issues. This section is new and will be published soon.

Netherlands Business Directory

Our staff collected information and business sites related to business in the Netherlands. It might be useful to view this section if you are new to the local business environment. It is divided to Europe, Netherlands and Amsterdam.

Endeavour’s Projects

Elaboration on past projects undertaken by Endeavour, giving an idea of the tasks endeavour deals with.

Investments in the Netherlands

Investment in the Netherlands section features some of the key issues relating to investments in the Netherlands.

Investments in Europe

Investment in Europe section elaborates on investments in Europe in general and per country. Currently we emphasis on Central & East Europe, but will expand to West Europe soon.

Business Articles

A collection of business articles related to our operations written by our staff, our business providers or scholars.

Immigration to the Netherlands

This section deals with business immigration to the Netherlands, featuring various legal immigration options of employees of foreign firms wishing to be employed by their firm in the Netherlands.

Endeavour the ship

A short historical description of Endeavour the ship of which we took the inspiration for the name of our company.

Links page

Business link collection related to our operations and might be of interest to firms wishing to relocate to the Netherlands.

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. provides the following services:

Company Incorporation in the Netherlands

A brief introduction to incorporating a firm in the Netherlands. Requirements, legal process and key issues.

Directors’ services

A unique and tailor-made services provided by Endeavour enabling foreign and local firms to find a suitable non executive directors to join their board of directors.

Administrative Services

A description of the administrative services provided by Endeavour to its customers.


Description of various accounting services Endeavour provides to its customers.

Tax advising

Tax advising is locally separated from the traditional accounting and hence receives its own set of services and page on Endeavour’s site.

Hotel Management

One of the management sectors Endeavour is active, providing interim management for medium sized hotels in the Netherlands and consulting few hotels abroad.

Business Presentations & lectures

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. provides variety of business related presentations to firms and universities. Popular subjects are: Management, Leadership and Operations.

Web Design & SEO

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. gained substantial experience in designing firms’ websites, implementing it and applying Search Engines Optimization services.

“I had the ambition to not only go farther than man had gone before, but to go as far as it was possible to go”.
Captain Cook on his voyage to the Pacific in Endeavour.

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