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How to contact and engage Endeavour Enterprises N.V. 

There are as many ways to contact as there are ways to engage us.

Working with Endeavour

If you are a professional service provider such as lawyer, tax advisor or accountant and have customers expressing interest in setting up any operations in the Netherlands, you are welcome to contact us in order to investigate any cooperation between our two companies.

We wish to be solution providers by continuing to show our innovation and flexibility towards how we work with you, your needs, and within your environment and constraints.

Global representatives

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. is looking to appoint local representatives worldwide. In general, we prefer lawyers, tax advisers and accountants to represent Endeavour in addition to their daily occupation. The business engagement is mostly based on success fee.

Internship / students projects

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. welcomes students that wish to develop their skills by undertaking academic task and projects. Endeavour has variety of projects to offer in the arena of:

  • Travel industry: managing researching and editing travel content and sites
  • Global trading & investments: research & coordination of investment portals
  • Media: writing, researching and editing media content and online media

Interested students should send their application, copy of I.D. and CV to Endeavour by email.

University group projects, assignments and placements

Endeavour occasionally collaborating with universities and colleges by providing students groups with group projects, assignments or group internship. Endeavour allocates real day to day practical assignments to students while coordinating this practical experience with the university lecturers. In such cases Endeavour prepare the assignment, guide the student group in several meetings and coaching them to be able to perform the tasks. The result is a dynamic and practical experience on live tasks that contributes to students experience and exposes them to business environment and challenges.

Contact us to discuss your needs:

Telephone : +31 (0)84 8334684

Email : Please use the contact form

Fax :     +31 (0)84 8334684

Endeavour Enterprises N.V.

Telephone: +3184 8334684
FAX: +3184 8334684
E-mail: Please use the contact form

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