Arnold Schwarzenegger-Schnitzel on the secret to success

Arnold Schwarzenegger is nothing less than a myth. Started as a poor boy in Austria, he had a dream to become an world champion and an actor. He achieved everything he aimed for and much more. this is his monologue about the secreet to success, which is both inspiring and amusing. it is of course…
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The changing board: None Executive directors’ skills

What would be the most required skills of a None Executive Director for the next five years on a Board level? Would it be the ability to manage risks? The main takeaway from the last financial crisis? Maybe the ability to cope with increased governance? What about soft skills? Harvey Nash asked 480 None Executive…
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Substance requirements for Dutch companies

Source/ Author: Houthoff Buruma law firm The following short article deals with the substance requirements for a Dutch company. These are the lasts demands by Dutch law and as they have consequences for Dutch firms, we thought it would be essential to share this article on out blog. Background The Netherlands offers a solid combination…
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