Europe is resuming Flights

Europe is finally resuming its flights. Reports are coming in from many European airports.

A continental airspace closure took precedent in September 11, 2001 when the US had to close its airspace in order to neutralize potential further attacks.

The eruption of Icelandic Mount Eyjafjallajokull and the resulting volcanic ash cloud over Europe have caused severe flight disruptions since last week, grounded millions of people, tones of cargo and disrupted international air traffic over Europe and the Atlantic.

The above had enormous affect on trade, business and insurance. Not to mention convenience. The ecological effect is too soon to evaluate, however has a destructive potential on climate in case of severe eruption.

Europe is operating several airports and KLM has started today a gradual procedure in order to restore its flight schedule.

The continental boycotting due to the volcanic ash over Europe is gradually removed today in order to allow the millions of passengers and tones of cargo to start flying again.

It is amazing how such a simple incident could have grounded Europe traffic for few days and cause such damage.


KLM has announced today that:

Flights to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

We have resumed operations in a phased manner. 

This means that we have started to operate European flights into and out of Amsterdam. In the coming days we expect to gradually go back to our normal schedules.

European flights

On Wednesday 21 April, as of 14.00 hours ( Amsterdam time), we will start to operate some flights to the United Kingdom. As of 22 April, we will try to get back to our normal schedules to and from the UK.

We also expect that later today, 21 April, we will be able to resume some flights to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

Intercontinental flights

All intercontinental flights to Amsterdam are expected to arrive on Wednesday 21 April.

All intercontinental flights from Amsterdam are expected to depart on Wednesday 21 April.

KLM together with Schiphol airport urging passengers not go to the airport if their flight is cancelled. It will take some time before all flights will be back on schedule.

It might be the right place to acknowledge the dedication of some European airports that made many efforts to assist passengers in providing them place to sleep, water and food. This was an extraordinary action on behalf of airports.

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