Hilton Athenee Palace, Bucharest: Hotel review

A business trip to Bucharest brought me again to Hilton Athenee Palace, my favorite hotel in the city.

Check in and out at Hilton Bucharest

Checked in by Lucian and Ioana, that were polite and helpful. It was a very nice welcome back to the hotel.

We all quickly realized that the suite I ordered was still occupied. A wedding that took place the evening before, made sure the newly wedded couple had no chance to meet the 12:00 deadline of checkout. It is Sunday noon and I am not on a hurry, although I am offered an equivalent suite, I tell the receptionist that I don't mind waiting until they get organized upstairs. After all, people don't get married every day.


The front office people ask me if I don't mind waiting for an hour at the executive lounge. I don't. It happens to be my favorite spot at Hilton hotels. About an hour later, Ioana comes to the lounge to hand me my room key card, ask me to sign the C.I. Form and kindly asked me to present an ID and CC later on at the check in desk.


This is not the normal sequence of check in but it is a refreshing opportunity to realize the hotel team is customer not procedural oriented.

My suitcase I abandoned earlier, found its way to the room with the help of the bellboy.


The room at the Hilton Athenee palace Bucharest

The term room does no justice to the Courtyard suite at the Hilton Bucharest. This is a 80 Sqm complex divided to four parts. The entrance that contain a closet, suitcase holder and a small toilet unit. From that entrance space, a small corridor leads to the spacious bedroom with a shower & toilet unit. Only that bedroom is in the size of a standard room at most Hilton hotels.


The other two spaces on the other side of the entrance contain a working table next to a spacious living room alike with comfortable sofas and TV. Behind there is a small wall separating this from another one containing a round table for dining.

It is a huge space, smartly divided to subspaces enabling complete separation of privacy and business. It is also beautifully and elegantly designed and it is my home away from home for the next few days. With a suite such as this one, it is possible to live and work at the hotel including making appointments and the suite and not needing to run to the office for that.


The English Bar at Hilton Bucharest

The English bar located at the ground floor of the hotel is a cozy corner for drinkers, eaters  and smokers. If you can stand the smoke, you can enjoy couple of hours of drinking and eating from their own menu. 

If Miki and Danny are on the shift, you are guaranteed a great time. I personally can recommend their club sandwich, local fruits tea and talking to the two ladies.


The executive lounge at Hilton Athennee palace Bucharest

The executive lounge located on the fifth floor of the establishment is a medium sized lounge, with a dedicated smoking room next to it and a narrow balcony that turns out to be a great place for breakfast or just a drink on a nice weather.

Breakfast and dinner are served at the lounge but you can always find something to chew in between. The variety of food is adequate.

Raluca and Mihai will make sure all your food and beverages demands are met and will make sure you receive a personalized service.


HHonors friendly factor at Hilton Bucharest

HHonors VIP levels are receiving the promised benefits reserved for their level. A room upgrade, access to the executive lounge and free Internet connection. Late checkout in my case was granted too.

This Bucharest Hilton scores high on being HHonors friendly.

Although this was my farewell from HHonors, as my company and I have decided not to continue our VIP level on this specific loyalty program, I am sure that in Bucharest, I will return to this Hilton despite of HHonors. We are converting our loyalty to specific hotels rather than to the loyalty program.


Welcome factor at Hilton Bucharest

Hilton Bucharest scores very high on the hotel industry welcome factor. Apart from one security person I run into middle of the night, all other employees were very welcoming and helpful. The front office team made a very positive first encounter and the people on the executive lounge and the bar made sure I would feel welcome and pampered at all time.


Things I loved at Hilton Bucharest

The Courtyard suite is a real treat.

The English bar

The executive lounge and its employees.

The helpful concierge team



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