Hilton Cologne review

Contact details Hilton Cologne:

Address: Marzellenstrasse 13-17, 50668, Cologne, Germany

Telephone: +49-221-130710       FAX: +49-221-130720

Email: info.cologne@hilton.com

Hilton Cologne entrance

Hilton Cologne entrance

Hilton Cologne is located in cologne’s city center just next to the Dom. Makes it easy to intuitively navigate and a bit more difficult to drive in the centrum.

Check in and out

C.I. is very fast polite and efficient. The receptionist is very friendly.

The receptionist is giving me two tokens for food consumption at the Snax grab & go.


The room at the of Hilton Cologne

It is standard room, I evaluate at 16-20 SQM. Great interactive big TV and comfortable quin size bed. It is clean and looks cozy.

USB sockets on the wall are always welcome and my room has few of them.


Dining at Hilton Cologne

Although the hotel has a great bar/ restaurant, in my short stay I only experienced the breakfast restaurant.

The breakfast restaurant has an impressive design, enabling both privacy and space. I found the structure and the design of the restaurant very appealing and it seems someone has dedicated thought to it.

Breakfast at weekends is served till 12:00 noon, which is a blessing. Hilton Cologne definitely understands weekenders.

There is a wide selection of buffet food that it is very tasty.


Hilton Cologne restaurant

Hilton Cologne restaurant


Welcome factor at Hilton Cologne

The hotel industry welcome factor is a factor assessing the welcome feeling a guest may have in a certain property.

Hilton Cologne hotel scores positively on the welcome factor as its staff are friendly and willing to help.


Things I loved about Hilton Cologne

·        The Snax grab & go is both an interesting and practical solution for food consumption. It is a little center next to the reception and one could buy there drinks, beverages and toiletry articles. You buy with coins supplied by the reception.

·        The USB connections in the room are a must in every hotel.

·        The friendly and helpful staff

·        The interactive TV

·        The center location

·        The rich breakfast served until 12:00 in the beautiful dining room.

Hilton Cologne reception

Hilton Cologne reception

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