Hilton Prague Hotel review

By David Dekel

There are two Hiltons in Prague, Czech Republic; this review is about Hilton Prague hotel, NOT Hilton Prague Old Town.

Check in and out

Very polite check in done by Emanuel who made sure all my preferences and requirements were met. Five minutes after entering my room I got a call from Emanuel verifying my room was to my satisfaction and asking if I needed anything else.  I find that gesture very appealing.

There are two executive level floors at the hotel, 7th and 8th. As a Gold member I was upgraded to the 7th floor.

Late checkout was granted for four hours.


The room at the executive floor of Hilton Prague

The room located on the 7th floor looked nice modern and comfortable as expected form that Hilton level. The room was a little larger than the standard 25 Sqm and designed with wood and warm tones.

Large working table and a comfortable shower toilet area made it perfect.


Executive lounge at Hilton Prague

The executive lounge, my favorite spot at every Hilton hotels. Long ago, I discovered that it can focus and concentrate much better when surrounded with endless food & beverages…

This lounge is the largest I have seen so far at Hilton hotels. It is divided into two main spaces when one of them is for smokers. Unfortunately they two arte not very separated.

Chatting with one of the employees of the lounge, she looked at my profile on her PC and immediately afterwards asked if I was satisfied with my room. Out of the blue ... By then I understood that not only they were on to me and know I am writing about Hilton hotels, they also placed it in my profile. So while further pampering was guaranteed, I needed to have a new strategy and from that point and on monitored how the crew was treating other guests. 


Breakfast at the exec lounge is served until 11:00. Highly appreciated fact on weekends. For few people even that was not enough, but I have witnessed the crew taking care of the late ones too.


The 24 hours open restaurant on the M level of the hotel is very useful and scores high both for quality and taste, even if one is fed constantly at the executive lounge. I had the Black Angus hamburger, surrounded by fries which was consumed at 01:00 at night and was magnificent. Don't try that at home.  

The sky cloud 9 bar on the 9th floor of the hotel is to my understanding one of the attractions to visit when in Prague. One can see the beautiful city of all sides of the bar.

I gave it two chances and the barman was experimenting on me some of his finest cocktails which were not even expensive and very tasty. The long bar itself is a modern design of lights and bar combined with old styled couches. A perfect combination of lighting and cocktails and highly recommended. 


Things I would have improved:

Smoking in general, is a major problem anywhere east to Berlin.

At Hilton Prague smoking is allowed at part of the exec lounge and in some public places at the hotel together with the bars, restaurant and the casino which was covered with smoke, I would have done something about it.


Kids are nice but you don't expect them at the executive lounge. In most parts of Europe they are not allowed into the exec lounge due to the alcoholic beverages served there. I would reconsider the decision to enter kids to the sacred escape corner of the business people.


HHonors friendly factor

Hilton Prague is definitely HHonors friendly. Gold VIP members receive upgrade to the executive floor and lounge upon availability and in contradiction to other Hilton hotels that decided to uphold the unfriendly policy introduced by HHonos last year.

VIP members also receive free Internet connection for the duration of their stay.

Breakfast is provided at the executive lounge.


Hilton Prague Welcome factor

The Hilton Prague scores high on the welcome factor.

All employees with no exception I have met were friendly, helpful and showed interest in the quality of my stay.

Some employees such as Jana from the executive lounge took the extra step and actually spoiled me while chatting with me and helping me constantly. I really felt welcomed and wanted at Hilton Prague. From the three or four times I have visited this establishment in the past, this time was the most pleasant one.


Things I loved about Hilton Prague:

The huge executive lounge and the variety of the food being served there.

The Attitude of the personnel towards me at the hotel

The sky 9 lounge

The pool



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