Hilton Sorrento palace hotel review

This Hilton Sorrento Palace hotel Review is a unique hotel review of the Hilton Sorrento in Italy. It is unique due to the fact that I have never encountered a Hilton Hotel being managed in such way. Most of my reviews of hotels, especially Hiltons, vary from good to excellent. This one is sadly by far, below my expectations and it is my opinion that the Sorrento Hilton, should have never been accepted to the Hilton group.


Check In at Hilton Sorrento Palace Hotel

Is quick, very not personal, a bit confused and misleading. The receptionist informs us that we were upgraded to a nice room.

The room at Hilton Sorrento

·        The room itself is a disaster. It looks more like a budget hotel room on a bad day.

·        The orange colored walls are painted randomly. You can see the brush’s marks.

·        The furniture are old second hand ones covered with sheets type covers.

·        The small safe is in the fridge itself.

·        There are marks and scratches on the walls.

·        Dirt in the balcony and bad looking floor.

·        I have not seen a room in that condition for a very long time.


I return to the receptionist only to find out that we were actually upgraded. this is the better room…

To my question why we were not upgrade to the executive floor, the receptionist replies that that floor is full.

A quick look into the HHonors reservation system, proves that I can book at least twenty rooms at the executive floor. This is the point I understand that the standards this hotel’s management exercise, are far below expectations. I am long time at the hospitality business and know most of the excuses, but this is new. Genuine if you like. It is simply unheard of.

The staff was mostly unfriendly and management, when crossing your way, simply ignores you. This by the way, was to be expected and inline of the way this hotel is managed.


The positive things we witnessed at Hilton Sorrento:

·        The breakfast was rich and tasty.

·        Two specific employees were nice to us

·        The view from the hotel to the bay.

·        Reasonable price.


HHonor elite (un)friendly

As expected, HHonors Elite status means very little to the management of Hilton Sorrento hotel.

No upgrade for Gold status member, being dishonest about it, the whole nine yards…

They got nothing to lose. If you make a complaint to Hilton, you will get points from Hilton, not the hotel. The amount of compensation in HHonors points you get is ridiculously low.

Do not expect any Elite status to impress the hotel.

Hilton sorrento

Hilton sorrento

Welcome factor at Hilton Sorrento Palace Hotel

The hospitality welcome factor is usually trying to identify how welcome a guest is at a certain property.

Unfortunately, that factor, was formulated right after visiting Hilton Sorrento. It is there where I felt very unwelcomed, that it got me thinking how a property could actually make its guests welcomed. So, this is the lowest grade I have ever gave a property on the welcome factor. Very unwelcomed.

On the other hand, I have learned, experienced, to be exact, the new “welcome factor” and now using it in all my reviews. Lemonade from lemons, I guess.


We usually love Hilton hotels worldwide, but seriously doubt how Hilton Sorrento palace in Italy ever became a Hilton member.

Look at the video and see how an upgraded room looks like and judge for yourself. This is a Hilton Sorrento palace review. I definitely hope the hotel management had the time and motivation to drastically make some changes at their property.

We booked Hilton Sorrento palace, Italy as our regular European hotels review. We thought it would be useful to show that one to others.

Hilton worldwide, this is to your attention.



Hilton sorrento

Hilton sorrento room

Hilton sorrento palace

Hilton sorrento palace

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