Hilton Budapest hotel review

Hilton Budapest Location

Chain Bridge Budapest, Hungary

Chain Bridge Budapest, Hungary

The Hilton Budapest is not located in the city centrum. In fact it is located on the high hill on the other side of the Danube the part of the city used to be called Buda. Looking across the river uphill from Pest, the Hilton Budapest is located next to the castle you see on top.

This Hilton should not be confused with Hilton West End located on the Pest side.

Two issues are actually canceling this minor Fact out:

The Hilton Budapest has a special taxi that gets you downhill and across the river to the Four Seasons hotel area for a price roughly equal to 2 euros.

The other issue is that the area of the Hilton has some good restaurants and bars and the huge Mammoth shopping mall is located 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel. One thing one should keep in mind, that going downhill to the shopping mall area is one thing. Climbing by foot that sharp angle uphill, especially after a full Hungarian dinner, is by far easier said than done.

Hilton Budapest Executive room

Check in & out

For gold and diamond members is done at the executive lounge at the third floor. The hotel actually insists you’d be handled there.

The process is fast, professional and done in a very friendly way and while sitting on comfortable chairs. The crew is preparing in advance every reservation including the paperwork, cards and Internet codes.


Hilton Budapest rooms

The executive level rooms are located at the third floor around the executive lounge. The room I was placed in was bigger than the standard 25-30 SQM and divided to two spaces, the bedroom and a very spacious living room. This is actually a mini suite configuration.

The room furniture’s design caught my attention as it is a retro style. I am no expert on styles, but it must have a name.


Food & beverages at Hilton Budapest

Breakfast is served at the main dining room and is very reach and including a touch of renowned Hungarian kitchen. Gold & Diamond members can opt for a smaller version served at the executive lounge.

I have noticed the hotel has its own restaurants and promotions for them, but had no chance to check them out.

The lounge serves hot and cold drinks throughout the day, breakfast at the morning and small buffet dinner at the evening.

If Tibor is on the shift, you can rest assured you would be fed properly. In my case, cups of coffee and glasses of that sweet irresistible Hungarian wine found their way to me without even requesting. Tibor even kept once a plate for me from the dinner, way after dinner time. For a second there, I suspected my mom had briefed him...


Things I

Hilton budapest bedroom section

liked about Hilton Budapest

In terms of things I didn't like I can only mention the smoking at the lobby that must have preserved from the old communist time and is characterizing Eastern Europe. The executive lounge seems to be safe is that respect. It is highly advised for the hotel to join the European policy on smoking by turning the bar or any other space to the sole designated smoking area.

The hotel staff, especially the executive lounge, that are officially named customer relations representatives are the highlights of this hotel. They speak very good English and constantly trying to assist the guests.

The rooms at the executive floor are perfect in many aspects of size and configuration.

The hotel crew probably declared a war against dehydration. Apart from the common Hilton signs explaining the importance of drinking liquids, the hotel places 1.5 liters water bottle every day at the room even if the previous one is only slightly touched.

The hotel manager sends a bottle of wine to the rooms of gold and diamond members.

Late checkout request is given by the executive lounge staff for three additional hours with not need to request their manager.

The executive lounge crew deserves the main complement of this blog entry. This crew is setting a sample level of customer service level.

The crew members are named customer relations managers and men the lounge and the dedicated table at the lobby.

The crew mission as I have observed, reaches far beyond check in & out and handling any complains. They are actually being the hotel interface for the guests. They basically handle all requests from transportation and city orientation to reservations and business center requests. I have even noticed one of the food & beverages ladies sitting behind the PC at the lounge and able to assist guests with email requests.

From facility management stand point, this is a functional solution that seem to work very well. I have not seen it popular at other Hilton Hotels in Europe.

This CRM team, being: Daniella, Jolina and Agnes, headed by Petra are delivering true value of hospitality to guests and are operating as a team, not individuals as it is mostly seems in other hotels. Speaking of which, some other Hiltons I visited should seriously consider learning from this motivated team how to do it right as this is not easy.


Hilton Budapest

Hilton Budapest

Welcome factor

The Welcome factor scores very high at this Budapest Hilton. The CRM team manages to have multiple contacts with guests from check in, via most services and info requests to check out. This fact enables the team to know their guests better and deliver dedicated tailored service.


VIP friendly factor

I am happy to announce that after few disappointments I have run into in other Hiltons, I have finally found a good example of a true VIP friendly Hilton.

At the Hilton Budapest a VIP level guests receive all the benefits they expect in a way they appreciate it.

For the business traveler this hotel is a true oasis of service and accommodation and is the result of hard and constant work on CRM factors.

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