Hotel Hilton Berlin review

This is a guest review from the perspective of a guest who was extensively involved in hotel and tourism management, staying as HHonors VIP gold status.

Visiting ITB in March, one of the largest travel fairs in the EU, was a Greta excuse to get back to hotel Hilton Berlin and have a taste of its new design as it was recently renovated.

Check in & out

Hilton Berlin room

Hilton Berlin room

Upon request, I was sent to the new executive lounge located at the ground floor at the place the Thai restaurant used to be before.

I was encountered by a very happy and smiling welcoming Linda. That early Sunday shift did not seem to influence her at all. The C.I. process was polite, concise and personal.

Checkout in my case was swift and practical. The invoice was awaiting me as I requested and I was ready to go in no time.

Late checkout, normally subject to availability, was granted.

The new Hilton Berlin design

The Hilton Berlin was recently renovated. One can still smell the “smell of new”  walking down the corridors. Everything looks and feels new, shining and clean, something that adds to the guest's positive experience.

The executive level room offered to me was spacious, larger than the standard 25-30 square meter. My expertise are laying with management, not interior design, but I really liked the new design. The new Hilton Berlin design involving brown and silver colors with wood and metal was calming and appropriate. Actually, the exact level and design one would expect from such hotel.

The Hilton Berlin executive lounge

The newly designed executive lounge is wide, nicely designed and provides meals, newspapers, two meeting rooms and three flat screens TVs.

Hilton Berlin Executive Lounge

Hilton Berlin Executive Lounge

One can book any of the two meeting rooms for free to a certain extend. This is not common at Hiltons in general and I find it very useful.

The food and beverage location is separated by design concept from the sitting area, something that gives some feeling of intimacy. There are chairs and tables for organized eating as well as comfortable sofas for relaxing and having a drink.

Breakfast, complementary for gold and diamond level members as is the executive lounge entry, is reach and tasty. Dinner is minimized as it is in most Hilton’s executive lounges, but enough of enabling the average eater to replace a dinner.  Hot & cold beverages are offers all day long.

The lounge provides limited business services such as printing and PC to surf the Internet. There is an additional dedicated business center located on the first floor.

The issue I noticed and really found interesting was the fact that the welcome letter to the exec lounge sent by its manager, was not signed by her name but with the names of the lounge team. Since this is the first time I have noticed such approach in exec lounge, I bothered the manager for an explanation.

She said she wanted to create a team within the hotel team and the teamwork and efforts was important enough for her to singe with all the names.

So this was policy, not an accident. While the vast majority on managers at all levels would never miss an opportunity to sign their own names on a letter to customer, this one choose for the team and this is noted with respect here.

As I have spent much time at the Hilton berlin executive lounge, I can testify first hand that the service, the professionalism and attitude were on a high level and matching business guests’ needs.

The things I liked about Hilton Berlin

Hilton berlin hotel

Hilton Berlin hotel

The new design, the spacious room, the executive lounge team and to top it up, a minute before leaving the hotel, I was given some sweets for the road... No I don't think this is standard procedure, it was just the nice F&B lady at the exec lounge.

Welcome feeling factor: this is a factor stated by Endeavour long ago indicating the subjective feeling of the hotel guest regarding the level of being welcomed at the hotel.  Hilton Berlin scores very high on that one.

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