ING Bank blocks a corporate account

Many words have been written about the quality of service in the Netherlands and many more about banks and their attitude.

You’d think that in the middle of a global recession caused by banks and the financial industry themselves, banks would be more careful or customer oriented. Our experience proves the opposite.

We have just found that our corporate bank account at the ING bank is blocked for few days. There is no option to process payments and direct debits are bouncing back.

It took the bank about 15 minutes and two attempts before they found out they actually blocked our account. The reason was that they have sent us a form about possible changes in the account beneficiaries and did not receive any answer.

They said they have sent it twice and even placed two cents in our bank account with a threat to block the account if they are not contacted.

After 11 years of working with that bank, we are amazed by the easy finger on the trigger demonstrated. The bank did not even consider calling the company, emailing or doing any other action such as sending a registered letter. The post is being delivered by several private contractors and cannot be trusted as before and our banking system is exported directly to an accounting system that takes a while before it understands threats of blockade.

It seems that the bank does not really care for its customers and acts in customers’ accounts as if they belonged to the bank.

Our bank account is blocked by the ING bank

Blocking a corporate account meaning stopping business transactions and basically stopping business activity. Someone at the ING bank thinks they have the right to do that any time they need to fill in information that they actually already have.


They do that because they can. The customer is helpless against the bank and the bank abuses that fact.

We have contacted the ING bank on their Facebook page and the answer we received is that they need the form filled in in order to release the account. In other words, the account is held hostage until the ING gets the information they need.


We decided not to give up. We are not filling the form; we are closing the account and searching for a new bank. A bank with a little more respect to its clients. Our current goal is to release the blockade on our account.

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  1. Epilogue We are happy to say that eventually after placing the facts of the FB page of the ING bank, we were contacted by an account manager from the bank that removed the blockade on the account and asked us politely to fill in the forms when we have time. We did and after about two weeks, we received flowers from the bank as an apology. We forgive the bank and move on. Thanks for the flowers.

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