Investments in the Netherlands

Investments in the Netherlands

Investment in the Netherlands or Holland investment as many named it, is divided to several types. Investing in real estate in the Netherlands, whether private or commercial property and investing in an existing or newly incorporated firm locally. Naturally there are more ways to invest in the Netherlands, but we will not elaborate on them at this point.

Endeavour is not a governmental agency such as the NFIA, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, therefore our role is never limited to advising or providing information. Endeavour’s role only start at that phase and evolving to full operations and interim management on behalf of the customer.

Llc investments, ltd investments and incorporation a new company in the Netherlands are all referring to the establishment of a new firm in the Netherlands and is one of the starting points of working with endeavour.

Netherlands investments

The Netherlands in an optimal place for any European foreign investment. Foreign direct investment in the Netherlands (FDI) is an attractive options to investors, entrepreneurs, marketers and business people from all over.

The Netherlands reflects unique advantages being a relatively small country in the heart of Western Europe, combining multi lingual labour force, advanced infrastructure, and open economy based historically on trade.

The combination of Schiphol airport being the third one in capacity in Europe and Rotterdam port being the largest of its kind in Europe is encouraging trade and global business to pass through the Netherlands.

Local governmental agencies are generally supporting foreign investments and business processes and local business community is highly educated and willing to assist foreign investors.

Dutch business climate

Content of this part: What is it like to do business in and from the Netherlands? What cultural aspects do you need to take into account? Israeli entrepreneur Avishai Trabelsi discusses this with Willem Dorst (StartupDelta).

Topics that will be discussed
• Doing business in and from the Netherlands
• Cultural aspects to take into account
• Benefit from a second-to-none quality infrastructure
• International and creative focus

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