KLM suitcase incident: perfect service!

I have landed at Schiphol Amsterdam airport a while ago onboard KLM / Air France Bowing only to discover that my new suitcase was seriously damaged. Expecting the usual hour delay in order to make the necessary complain, I headed to the KLM service desk.

KLM Airfrance service desk

KLM Airfrance service desk at Shiphol Amsterdam

At the desk I realized about 15 Poole waiting to report their lost or damaged luggage, so before taking my place at the queue, I approached the ground stewardess to be sure this is what I needed to do. The stewardess confirmed there has to be a report filed for the event but directed me to the business and first class next office although I flew coach.

I was assisted almost immediately and the next stewardess that was already informed and have stated that my suitcase was of a new model and they did not have such thing yet.


I wasn't sure at all what she was talking about and why my crippled suitcase had to match anything, but the lady asked me to escort her to the next room where she took out a brand new Samsonite suitcase asking me if I will be willing to trade it for my damaged one. She did mention that I will have to repack again if I choose for the new suitcase.

Trying not to abuse the generosity of the airline, I replied that that suitcase was a bit bigger than mine, newer and probably better, so the decision is actually hers.

She said she would be happy to offer me that, if I agreed to repack.

I told her that I happen to be world champion in packing... Actually only pilots may be faster than me in packing and maybe few models on America’s Next Top Model when they have to leave the show…

I added, it might just save all the paperwork, but she said the paperwork will be done parallel. 

Five minutes and a new suitcase later, I was sitting in front of the KLM stewardess only to sign the papers. I have spent maybe 10-15 minutes in that service office.

KLM Airfrance service desk

KLM Airfrance service desk at Shiphol airport Amsterdam

Amazed by the unexpected service, I thanked the stewardess and left the place thinking that   KLM has just earned this blog post rightfully. We tend to publish problematic service usually, but good service needs to be rewarded in publishing in order to acknowledge and promote it.  

The main issue in receiving such dedicated service is that it is simply solving the passenger’s problem in a manner he or she accept. New suitcase, immediately and no need for future actions and unnecessary corresponding with the airline.

The wow effect in such service is of course matching, or exceeding in this case passenger's expectations. While the last one expects the formality and maybe money refund, the airline saves him all the hustle and provides him immediately with a replacement. This is clearly a great service based on customer needs.

I have no idea if this service is aimed at business and first class only. If this is for everyone, this is simply outstanding.

Way to go KLM / Air France!

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