Nexus One phone, Google new SuperPhone

Finally, after lots of rumors and guessing, Google announced today its new Smartphone Nexus One, otherwise known as the Google phone.

The new phone, categorized as a Super phone, is produced by HTC and runs on the Android 2.1 mobile operating system.

 As it seems right after the Google announcement, most speculations as for the technical specifications of e the new phone were accurate.

Nexus One Google new SuperPhone. Screenshot

Nexus One Google new SuperPhone. Screenshot

Nexus One technical specifications:

  • operating system: Android 2.1
  • 3.7-inch display, 480 x 800 OLED display
  • Processor: 1GHz Snapdragon from Qualcomm
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED flash (guys from iphone, pay attention here: flash, you didn't see it coming, did you?)
  • Audio stereo Bluetooth
  • Active noise cancellation using two microphones
  • Live-action wallpaper that responds to your touch
  • Google Maps navigation
  • Improved Facebook integration

So, after all the hype created, the mother of all questions? Are we witnessing a revolution in either concept, design, technology or performance? More importantly: is this an iphone killer?

The answer is no to both parts unfortunately. Improved? Yes, but no revolution this time.

Nexus One demonstrate one interesting feature  is the voice to text capability. In terms of cool, this is a major one. It is so much easier to talk to a gadget rather than typing it on small keys or touch. These things are usually coming with a short period of training the algorithm and are not 100% accurate, but this is very interesting feature. It is more interesting by the fact that the voice recognition is being processed by Google servers, not the phone itself.

As expected the Nexus One demonstrated a friendly high resolution Google Earth feature. The application did respond to voice orders.

Other new software applications are: live background, new weather and news applications.

Nexus One Price:

The expected prices are: 529$ for unlocked Nexus One phone without service plan and 179$ for a phone with a T-Mobile plan.

The Nexus One will be launched today in the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.


 New Google market

Google that started as a search provider, evolved to other fields such as browsers and ended up as the world's largest advertiser has entered today to the field of retailing of phones and service plans.

 So far, Google sells only one phone, the Nexus One and one service plan on its Google phone marketplace, but that would change soon.

The concept here is worth mentioning: Google aims to provide and sell phones with simple service attached in a simple online way. The concept makes sense, however, we remember clearly many cases in which general retail shops failed selling mobile phone due to the high involvement customer required in purchasing mobile phones. Let's see how Google addresses this problem with its new Nexus One phone and the online Marketplace.

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