New safety dance, Lady Gaga, onboard Cebu Pacific Airlines

How many of you getting into your airline seat, search for the seat pocked safety instructions, go over the safety instructions and then listen and watch carefully the live/ video safety demonstration?

No one?

I see. So, this post is for ALL of you out there.

Cebu Pacific Airlines is a Philippine-based airline that flies within and from the Philippines to 16 international cities. This company decided to finally get the attention to their onboard safety demonstration. Take a look and judge for yourself:


And here is the hard work done to achieve it. Flight Attendants / Stewardess dance practice of the safety procedures demonstration 2010:

Apart from the immediate interest that demonstration attracts, it definitely helps the neglected safety demo onboard. Whereas most people just ignore safety regulations demonstrations, tests showed that a short attention just before flight, could improve drastically performances during an emergency situation.

Years ago, I developed this odd habit to read the safety brochure in the seat pocket whenever boarding any flight. It takes two minutes, but might turn very helpful if things go wrong.

Anyway, this also shows that young, no frills airlines are constantly improving in order to differentiate themselves and be unique. In the aviation business, that task is very difficult.

Way to go Cebu Pacific airlines for the initiative and inspiration.

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