Shimon Peres, Israeli President at Globes conference

This week I am in Israel, one of the wonder economies of the world that was one of the few that did not suffer the global recession. I am participating at the Israeli Business Conference organized by Globes, Israel leading economy newspaper.

"Almost no country in the world, Israel included, is just a national state any more. All countries are affected in all fields by global events. Our fate is not just historical, but also global. In the past, the world's 192 countries were like ships on the sea, and the biggest problem was to prevent collisions. Today, the world is more like one great ship with 192 cabins. The cabins are the nations, and on the global ship, and the fate of every cabin on board depends on the fate of the ship, and what happens in the cabins affects the fate of the ship."

Peres said, "When there are dangerous cabins, and they exist, then a broad coalition of other cabins will press the dangerous cabins to surrender for the good of the ship. The problem is ship-wide, and not a problem of collisions between ships. No matter where you look, we see the huge effect of the ship on the cabin, including the Israeli cabin. This begins with the economy: there is no national economy. There might be national poverty, but anyone wanting national growth must turn to the global economy."

At the age of 87, Mr. Peres is still sharp, focused and has many visions concerning Israel in the coming era. Listening to him makes you understand why he is an asset to Israel and Israeli view.

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