Philips Home control B2B at IBC Amsterdam

Philips presented at IBC 2010 a lot of their new products. Customers and visitors could also see demonstrations at the Stand of ``Philips``. The vision of Philips is hidden behind two simple words - ``Sense and simplicity``. This mission is implemented in their new products as well.

At IBC 2010 the Senior director of Philips Home control B2B, Jean –Paul Abrams demonstrated in an interview for Amsterdam Spoke the new products of Philips from the division Home Control. At IBC 2010 Philips launched the new Home control DUAL which operates all the devises in your home connected to the internet. It also gives automatic signal to your TV and if you in the text mode you can easily do emailing or browsing in the internet.

The eco environmental issue is one of the most important initiatives of Philips. They use already reduced products and as little as possible energy presenting the revolutionary new solar remote controls.

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