Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 reviewers were … actors

As the tabs war gearing to a new generation, Samsung had recently  embarrassing accidents that are the hot issue on few tech blogs.

Samsung has launched few promo movies concerning its new tabs. Unfortunately for the company, two major events clouded the celebration and posed genuine concern.

The first was the company’s claim that the new tab is thinner than its rival, the iPad-2. A second check revealed that the new tab is wider than the ipad-2 two and the statement was wrong.

If this is not enough, a second event, this time on the web, YouTube movie to be exact appears with people commenting on the new Samsung tab. A closer look reveals these enthusiastic reviewers are actually actors.


Take a look at this YouTube sample:


When the new tab was introduced by Samsung, we were happy to bring the news to you from Amsterdam IBC in September last year. It was actually before the tab went to market.

We are much less enthusiastic now bringing you this news.

A Samsung spokesman said the presentation was arranged by executives at Samsung’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, and mentioned it has “no official statement” on whether the company used actors in its presentation posing as excited consumers. Although Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 aren’t available until early summer, the spokesman says that those featured in the presentation used “pre-production units” with software that’s close to the final version…

Somehow, we are not convinced… and for everyone out there: technology advantage is temporary by its nature and has limited significance. Legacy and reliability are corporate assets that last long and pay well if handled honestly and carefully.

Practically, we have no doubt the two new Samsung tablets may be good devices, however, using these methods of promotion not seem to help the gadgets or the firm at all.

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