Search Engine Strategies London 2010: Live update

Search Engine Strategies London, aka SES London is the leading search marketing conference in Europe gathering each year world’s professionals in the area of search engines strategies and marketing.

Renowned SEM professionals are gathering in London this week for this conference.

SES London 2010

SES London 2010

Where search engines issue is a key success factor in today’s any marketing plan the expectations that its importance is growing.

With that in mind and with the experience Endeavour gained in the area of search engines (SE) I headed to London to participate, this is my second year I am following SES.

Topics such as: online marketing, search engines optimisation, search words and phrases, conversion, links directories and crawlers are all to be discussed here.

I am blogging on the latest in the search engines field from the conference as it happens and hope to bring you in real time the latest on SEO.

More about SES London site and conference can be viewed at:


David Dekel

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