Search Engine Strategies London 2011: Images & pics

I have met all of you at SES London 2011 and this time decided to document the event with my camera.

I have tried to capture the special moments we have all experience and take pics of all of you. I apologize for those of you I have missed.

I have placed most of the pics on the following directory:  SES London Pics & Images 


I have also taken a short video from the Keynote speaker on the first day. 

Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett few minutes of his speech at:


few Pics have been placed on my Facebook account:  you are welcome as a new FB friend, if you like.


Copyright: all SES London participants are allowed to download and use their own photos from the mentioned site. If you happen to use the pics online, be so kind to mention credit to

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Enjoy the pics and see you again next year.

Kind regards,

David Dekel, CEO

Endeavour Enterprises N.V.  

Twitter: @DDekel  or directly to the profile:!/DDekel



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