Incorporation and setup of a company in the Netherlands

Establishing a new firm in the Netherlands known as incorporation a company in the Netherlands is mostly the first step for many firms coming to the Netherlands seeking operations in Europe. The process of incorporating a new Dutch entity is complex, involving few suppliers, governmental agencies and commercial bodies and usually lasts between one to two months.

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. provides the incorporation process and all related services while orchestrating the process and making sure it is short, simple and within time frame. Endeavour operates as a one-stop shop for any individual or firm wishing to incorporate new firm in the Netherlands.

Endeavour services enable investors to engage one firm only and avoid the hassles involved. Endeavour's experience in new company incorporation easily translates to saving time and efforts where they are not necessary.

Stages in incorporating a firm in the Netherlands

Briefing the incorporator

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. will brief the incorporator/s and make sure they understand the process of limited liability firm incorporation in the Netherlands.


Decisions making

Based on the information provided the incorporator/s needs to decide as for the following issues:

  • Name of the incorporated firm
  • BV Vs. NV: which form of company suits their purposes.
  • Identity of incorporator: natural person or legal entity
  • Shareholders agreement, if needed and shares

Once the above issues are decided, Endeavour Enterprises N.V. can get to work and start the incorporation process.


Incorporation Paperwork

Requesting the incorporator to fill in the relevant forms needed for the incorporation process.


Drafting the article of association.


Opening a bank account for the incorporated company.

This account will used for the acceptance of the firm capital and will serve the new company operations further.


Depositing firm capital

Euro 18,000 for a BV type company and Euro 40,000 for NV type company.


No objection statement is issued by the Dutch ministry of justice.


Civil Notary Netherlands

The actual incorporation can be done in front of a civil notary or remotely by using Power Of Attorney.

Endeavour Enterprises N.V. will draft and guide the incorporation as for the papers and forms needed.


Signing the article of association

symbolizing the act of the actual incorporation of the new entity after the legal demands are met.


Chamber of commerce registration

After the incorporation is finalized, it is followed the actual registration at the Dutch chamber of commerce (AKA: K.V.K) as an establishment of the new firm in the Netherlands. From that point and on the new firm will pay Chamber of commerce yearly subscription.


Tax registration and issuance of VAT (BTW) number.

This necessary stage enables the new firm to trade as Dutch and European firm, identifying itself by the issued VAT number.


Once all the above is completed, the new firm is ready to trade and operate and within Endeavour moves from the incorporation stage to the operating stage where additional business services and management are offered to it. These management services are detailed on our service list.