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Board Directors for Dutch companies

As a board member you must have asked yourself why none executive directors are needed for your company. If you hadn’t, it is not too late to start asking this very question.

As it appears, firms benefit significantly from having independent, non executive directors on their boards. Their breadth of view, especially in areas such as strategy, independent thinking and knowledge, and their experience in parallel industries, complement the business focus of executive directors. The directors’ interaction with non executive directors in the boardroom gives an organization the necessary adversity needed to supervise itself in today’s complex business environment.

Directors netherlands

Different people. Run to new opportunities

Finding the right non executive director is a delicate assignment requiring wide business network and the ability to personally asses someone’s performances in the board room.

Endeavour offers a non executive directors candidate to act as a None Executive Director on the Board of your firm.

The director Endeavour usually present is experienced, motivated, internationally oriented and expert in his field.

Directors Netherlands

The Netherlands corporate governance calls for responsible none-executive directors with international orientation, affiliation and experience mixed with knowledge of local corporate governance and international one.

Executive directors however, must possess local operational experience mixed with proven international track record in order to be good at their jobs as executive directors within Dutch companies serving international shareholders.

Non Executive Directors

With references to world crisis, the role of the board is under more scrutiny than ever before and the value of good non-executive directors (NED) became significant. It is essential that the non-executive directors appointed to any board of directors have the correct experience, drive, expertise and personal qualities to enable them to carry out their roles effectively.

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