Interim Management

Endeavour can assist you by taking a more active role in your day-to-day operation or execution of your business. We, ourselves, can be available for short-term, part-time, retainer, or project-based roles and work.
Operations audit
“Operations” is a general term for the infrastructure you build, the major actions you take, and the processes you have developed to operate your business. It can certainly vary from one industry to another and from one business owner’s vision and methods to another’s. If you feel that your operations are not running smoothly (honestly, they never do) and can be done better, it might be a good idea to involve professionals that will analyze your processes rather than symptoms and optimize your value chain.

Interim management

Management. Interim Management

"Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not." George Bernard Shaw
Strategic planning
“Failing to plan is planning to fail” as they say, or “Plan your work, and work your plan”, and the best for last, “Hope is not a strategy.” Every business action should start with proper planning. Our team can review your strategies, localize your initiatives, and make specific recommendations on how to achieve your visions and goals.
When was the last time your marketing strategy had an audit? Armed with your Customer Survey, Endeavour Enterprises can verify if your marketing strategy is efficiently tuned and if it really answers customer needs. We can guide your management team through a process that will yield a winning marketing strategy, combining your competitive advantages with market opportunities.
Customer Relations Management (CRM)
CRM has become the most prominent marketing field in the last decade and many firms experimented with the innovations. However, only few actually created a measurable difference for their clients. We are able to review your current CRM strategies and tools, and advise you on how to enlarge your customer share and their satisfaction.
Going global
If your company thinking of going global, it might be a good idea to be assisted by our global contacts and know how. We will find for you customers, suppliers and strategic partners in your target country. We will screen them up for you and guide your firm through the whole process of going global. If you are looking for a supplier or contact abroad, you could also use our worldwide network.

“Taking a new step... is what people fear most”. Dostoyevsky
Workshops and lectures
Endeavour Enterprises gives lectures and workshops for companies and universities dealing with the essential management skills. Please contact us in order to coordinate a lecture or workshop to your team.