Tall ships

Tall Ships

We find tall ships and maritime world as a great inspiration for business world. The nautical field has many issues relating to daily business life: leadership, navigation, planning, teamwork, entrepreneurship and much more. We actually see sailing as a perfect model for educating and training manager so they can perform much better in business life later on.

Tall ships in Delfsail 09

Tall ships in Delfsail 09

Our company is named Endeavour after the original Captain’s James Cook Endeavour ship that we believe represents our company’s spirit.  

If you believe that ships have soul and character, then this page is for you to enjoy a romantic tribute to times gone by where men have gone to see to explore new worlds and expand human knowledge of our world. In addition tall ships represent today’s green trend in harnessing the wind for clean energy. All in all we have collected here a distinguished list of tall classic ships and look forward to have more offered to us to add to this list.

In addition, we have placed here some links to tall ships sources, images and videos. This is Endeavour’s contribution to maritime world in and Tall ships. Enjoy.


Tall ships videos




Tall ships list



Netherlands Class: A Rig: barque, three masts Length: 133 LOA Tonnage: Built: 1911, Hamburg as lightship www.barkeuropa.com



Russia Rig: barque, 4 masts. Length: 375.5′ overall Mast Height: 162′

Tonnage: 3545 Gross, 5725 displacement Crew: 236. Built: 1926, Wesermunde, Germany






Chile Rig: barquentine, 4 masts. Length: 371′ LOA Mast Height: 165′

Tonnage: 3672 displacement, 854 Gross Crew: 344 . Built: 1952, Cadiz Spain



Japan Rig: barque, four masts. Length: 361′ overall, Mast Height: 182′

Tonnage: 2879 Gross Crew: 199. Built: 1989, Tokyo, Japan



Poland Rig: ship. Length: 358′ overall Mast Height: 147′

Crew: 194 Tonnage: 2385 gross, 2791 displacement Built: 1981 Gdansk Shipyard, Poland



Dar Mlodiezy

Dar Mlodiezy


Russia Rig: full rigged ship. Length: 345′ overall Mast Height: 145′

Tonnage: 2824 displacement Crew: 206. Built: 1987, Gdansk, Poland www.tallshipmir.info



Argentina Rig: full rigged ship, 3 masts. Length: 340′ overall Mast Ht: 165′

Tonnage: 3720 displacement Crew: 192. Built: 1960, Rio Santiago, Argentina



Italy Rig: ship. Length: 331.6′ overall Mast Height: 160′

Tonnage: 4100 displacement , 2686 Thames M. Crew: 150. Built: 1931, Naples Italy



USA Rig: barque, 3 masts. Length: 267′ overall Mast Height: 147.3′

Tonnage: 1816 displacement Crew: 175. Built: 1936, Hamburg, Germany



Columbia Rig: barque, 3 masts. Length: 249′ overall, Mast Height: 127′ Tonnage: 1300 Gross, 1097 Displacement Crew: 150. Built: 1968, Bilbao, Spain



Uruguay Rig: schooner, 3 masts. Length: 205′ overall Mast Height: 124′

Tonnage: 474 Crew: 102 Built: 1930, Cadiz, Spain. www.armada.mil.uy


HMS Bounty

USA, Replica, 60m, www.tallshipbounty.org


Cisne Branco

Brazil, 75,9m, www.cisnebranco.mar.mil.br



Norway, 56,7m, www.schoolship.no



Russia, 108,7m, www.sedov.info


Stad Amsterdam

Netherlands, 76m, www.stadamsterdam.nl



Netherlands, 57m, www.tallship-company.com


Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Norway 84,6m, www.lehmkuhl.no


Other Tall ships:

Tall ships Delfsail 09

Tall ships Delfsail 09

LETTIE G. HOWARD, USA Class: B Rig: schooner, 2 masts Length: 129 LOA Built: 1893, Essex, Massachusetts Tonnage: 59 Gross, 102 displacement

ERNESTINA, USA Class: B Rig: schooner, 2 masts Length: 156 LOA Built: 1894, Essex Massachusetts Tonnage: 120 Gross

JENS KROGH, Denmark Class: C Rig: ketch Length: 80′ overall Mast Height: 71′ Built: 1899, Frederikshavn, Denmark Tonnage: 34 Gross

EYE OF THE WIND, UK, Canadian crew Class: A Rig: brigantine Length: 133 LOA Built: 1911, Schiffswerft Tonnage: 150 TM

HAYSEED IV, Canada Class: C Rig: sloop (cutter) Length: 54 LOA, 33.5 waterline Built: 1912, City Island, New York

JOLIE BRISE, UK Class: C Rig: sloop (gaff cutter) Length: 72′ LOA, waterline 48′ Built: 1913, Le Harve, France Tonnage: 55 displacement, 44 Thames Measurement

ELSIE, Canada Class: C Rig: yawl Length: 54′ LOA Tonnage: Built: 1917, Bell Boatyard, Baddeck

OOSTERSCHELDE, Netherlands, Class B Rig: topsail schooner, three masts Length: 167′ Built: 1918, Netherlands Tonnage: 226 Gross

BOWDOIN, USA Class: C Rig: Schooner, 2 masts Length: 100′ LOA Tonnage: 66 Gross Built: 1921, Boothbay, Maine Comments: Spent 3 decades of arctic exploration, WW II patrol vessel

ESMERELDA, Chile Class: A Rig: barquentine, 4 masts Length: 371′ LOA Mast Height: 165′ Built: 1952, Cadiz Spain Crew: 332 Tonnage: 3672 displacement, 2276 TM Comments: sail trainer for Chilean navy, largest sailing vessel in western hemisphere, armed with four 57mm cannons

LIBERTAD, Argentina Class: A Rig: full rigged ship, 3 masts Length: 356′ LOA Mast Height: 165′ Built: 1960, Rio Santiago, Argentina Tonnage: 3720 displacement, 2587 Thames Comments: Argentine Navy sail trainer, has fourl Hotchkiss guns, like the one in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic’s Navy gallery

NIAGARA, USA Class B Rig: brig Length: 198′ LOA, Mast Height: 118′ Built: 1988, Erie, Pennsylvania Tonnage: 492 Gross Crew: Comments: Replica of Oliver Perry’s flagship at Battle of Lake Erie mounting two replica 32 pounder carronades.. The original carried two 12 pounder guns and eighteen 32 pounder carronades.

PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II, USA, Class B Rig: topsail schooner, 2 masts Length: 173′ LOA Built: 1988, Baltimore Inner Harbour Tonnage: 185 Gross Crew: 47 Comments: Replica of War of 1812 privateer, has four 3 pounders replica carriage guns plus a couple of swivel guns.

ROSE, HMS US, Class A Rig: ship, 3 masts Length: 179′ LOA Mast Height: 130′ Built: 1970, Smith and Rhuland, Lunenburg, NS Tonnage: 500 displacement Crew: Comment: Would have an impressive broadside of cannons from her 24 gunports but only carries a couple of 2 pounder guns but always gives an impressive salute.


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